Bachelors in Computer Science-Germany (International Student)

Journalist , Times Now -Mumbai

Finance Head at Birla Sunlife- Mumbai

Dr. Neelam-


Finance & Admin Professional-Switzerland (International Student)

Bachelors in Computer Science, Mumbai


Actress & Interior Designer, Mumbai

Zumba Trainer-Delhi

Tarot Reader- Mumbai

Rajvi, Mumbai

I had joined Inner world in the pre-pandemic period and have continued the course post the pandemic as well. And to my surprise, I could not point out even one difference in the teaching style. The teachers give equal attention to all the students and help them in getting the correct postures.

Apart from asanas, we are even taught various mudra, bandhas, and pranayama techniques. Being a teacher training course, they teach us in such a way that we can start training other aspirants within initial few days of our joining. I feel very proud to be a part of this academy.

Bedi, Assam

I had joined Inner world in the pre-pandemic period and have continued Excellent teaching. Extra efforts and time put in by all mentors to provide in-depth knowledge on the entire syllabus. Postures and body alignments are all well taught. Also, Sundays with blissful meditation sessions are worth mentioning. I am very happy to be a part of Inner world Yoga Academy and highly grateful as I am a certified Yoga teacher now.

Arpita Dalui, West Bengal

It has been a wonderful journey with Innerworld Academy. I was able to explore my abilities through the online TTC course and now I am to spread this knowledge of healthy living to others also as a teacher. In addition to this, I would like to state that I was fond of Yoga from childhood, but did not get any proper guidance to explore myself until I found out about Innerworld Academy. I am thankful to the mentors and teachers who not only showed me the way of healthy living but also to develop myself as an entrepreneur. Being a mother of two children and in this Global Pandemic situation, the best thing that happened to me is this online TTC course, which itself peaceful counseling as well as meditation to the inner mind.

Thank you so much all of my Yoga Gurus for making me a part of Innerworld as a student.

Aditi, Hyderabad

My experience of the Innerworld TTC was indeed exceptional. Throughout this learning process, the Innerworld mentors have helped me develop a unique understanding of myself. With every practice that is taught, whether it may be asanas, pranayamas, bandhas, mudras, or even meditation techniques, we are given insight into their impact on our body and mind. This, in turn, helps us comprehend their benefits, and contraindications and effectively teach individuals with different body types and bodily ailments. As encouraged by the organization, these learnings help us- as future teachers make yoga available to all! The entirety of the teaching process is wholesome and guides students toward a better understanding of what it means to be a yoga teacher. Moving forward, I have also decided to enroll in the Innerworld diploma course to further deepen my understanding of the right practices, the right attitude and to continue on a path of self-development. The Innerworld organization has helped me develop skills of a kind, compassionate, and maintaining inner peace. I'm extremely thankful to the Innerworld yoga academy!

Priyanka Jain, Jodhpur

With utmost pleasure, I want to share that being a part of Innerworld Academy as a student has been a wonderful experience for me. I have done an online TTC course from here and now I am a certified teacher. My journey of being a teacher at Innerworld was ultimate from day 1.

All mentors are highly knowledgeable and qualified and they made sure that we learned each and every part of the syllabus perfectly with minute details. Classes are always on time. Despite online learning, utmost care was taken regarding learning of correct alignment and steps while doing a posture. Besides yoga syllabus, they even teach students the marketing and branding strategies so that we can grow as an entrepreneur.
This is a unique feature of Innerworld. Sundays are the most awaited ones during this course as a wonderful meditation session is taken by the mentors every Sunday.

I am lucky to be a part of Innerworld and soon I will be pursuing a diploma course with them.

Anubhi Khera, Delhi

What is the inner world? The day I joined the inner world yoga academy I didn't know the right meaning and why this academy is named as Inner world. To all my mentors I want to say that you all just didn't interpret theories, Philosophies, and the right knowledge but gave me new birth, I have been reborn. The inner world means "Breath," everyone takes breathing for granted, the mentors have made me explored the ultimate meaning of breath. I m not writing to impress but truly to express from the core of my inner world. However, these words are not enough to express what you all have given, even if I write a book too. I am luckiest, I was fortunate that I was able to be a part of it and still I am of InnerWorld Yoga Academy. Thank you.

Sushmita, Chennai

I would like to thank from my heart to the Innerworld team for the energy/effort you put in to train each one of us and also I would like to extend my gratitude to all the teachers here for guiding us, inspiring us, and making us what we are today! A big thanks and hugs to my batchmates, for being there for each other in clearing doubts to having fun

Swati Sati, Noida

I have done my TTC Online course with Innerworld Academy. Before starting my journey with Innerworld I was thinking that Yoga is only about physical exercise. But after joining the inner world I found that Yoga is not just about Physical Activity it is a cleansing process of Mind, Body, and Soul. All the mentors are very helpful. They make sure that we understand each and everything. It was a wonderful experience and a great thing happened to me in my life.

Thank you so much all the Faculty members of Innerworld.

Dr. Jinal, Surat

Honestly speaking before joining this academy there was so much in my mind like is it the right one, will I get all I want, etc.

But from day 1 , I have got the best knowledge and the best gurus. They have not just taught us about yoga but they have also taught us how to live life and overcome the hurdles. Their friendly nature helped me ask doubts without any hesitation and I could keep my point in front of them.

Thank you very much to all my mentors for such a beautiful journey filled with enormous learning.